Susan Allan

Sales Representative

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Make An Offer

Once we've helped you to find the home you would like to purchase, it's time to make an offer. Taking into account the recent sales of homes in that neighbourhood which are similar in size, quality, conveniences, and amenities, what are you willing to pay for the home? We will consult with you and advise you on how to create an offer that will have the best chance of being accepted.

After consulting with us to put your offer in a written contract that meets all the legal requirements according to local and national guidelines, we will present the seller with a written document detailing what needs to be done by both parties to execute the transaction. The contract should protect the best interests of all parties involved and should be comprehensive in nature. We will also ensure your financial position as the buyer by including any necessary contingencies, which would protect you if a particular requirement were not met. Once the seller accepts it, it may be too late to make any changes.

The contract, though not limited to this list, should include the following: 
· A legal description of the property 
· The offering price 
· The down payment 
· Financing arrangements 
· A list of fees and who will pay them 
· Amount of the deposit 
· Inspection rights and possible repair allowances 
· The method of conveying the title and who will handle the closing 
· A list of appliances and furnishings which will stay with the home 
· The settlement date 
· Any relevant contingencies

Remember that the legalities of this phase are very important. If you have any questions or concerns, they need to be addressed right away. After all, no one has ever said at their closing, "I wish I had asked fewer questions."

Negotiate The Offer

Once your offer is made, we may need to enter some negotiation in order to reach an agreement. Keep in mind that almost everything is negotiable when you are buying a house. This can give you a great deal of leverage in the buying process -- that is, if you have adequate information and you use it in an appropriate manner. We will have the market knowledge and negotiating expertise necessary to make sure that your offer is accepted at the best price and terms possible for you.

Some of the things that you may have to negotiate are: 
· The price 
· Financing 
· Closing costs 
· Repairs that need to be done 
· Appliances and fixtures 
· Landscaping 
· Painting 
· Occupancy time frame

Find the Inspectors You Need

After your offer has been accepted, we will supervise the coordination of all necessary Inspectors and serve as your advocates when working with them. They will make sure that the Inspectors have access to the property at the appropriate times to perform their procedures and oversee the execution of those procedures on your behalf.

For instance, your lender may need to have a formal appraisal and a survey done for the property. A property inspection, a foundation inspection, and an environmental inspection may also need to be completed to make sure that the property is up to the standards set forth in your written agreement.

Homeowner insurance is another very important item that will need to be taken care of at this point. Unless you have insurance coverage on the home, the closing can not proceed. Having these procedures done in a timely and professional manner is a must. Investigate each vendor to make sure that they are reputable and have a clean operational history.

Our experience in this area will be invaluable in making sure that everything is completed on time and in a professional and legal manner

Remember that the legalities of this phase are very important. If you have any questions or concerns, they need to be addressed right away.